Clutch Closers

Offering coachable salespeople paid opportunities to work on their skills

Are you as passionate about selling as I am? 

I have spent the last twenty years improving my skills in both B2B and B2C realms. It takes practice, repetition, and dedication to improve.

But who has the time to do all of that for free?

We pair salespeople with digital marketing agencies to qualify and close potential clients.

Spend your time working on your sales game and improving your mindset.

Prospecting is the hardest part of being in a sales role. With us, the leads are provided for you. No cold calling means more selling. More time selling gives you the opportunity to work on the areas where you struggle. This will also lead to a more improved mindset about selling that will help you succeed more and more, both now and in the future. 

Coaching when you want it. Community when you need it. 

Michael Jordan had multiple coaches and is the G.O.A.T. because of it. You won't get coached by anyone other than me. I am here to help you crush. And to make sure that you don't have to do it alone, we use Slack to celebrate each other's wins and talk about ways to improve. A rising tide raises all ships. 

Work when you want, where you want, and get paid to improve. 

Work-life balance is as important to me as it is for you. Set your hours, work when you want, and how you want. Keep your main gig while working with us to get better, and get paid while you do it. We make sure you have the ability to work remotely, whether you're in your car on your way to work or on vacation on the beach. 

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I have been there.

I have sold everything from margaritas to financial services to spinal implants in the medical device realm. Trust me, I have made every possible mistake. 

Then, I levelled up.

I have worked with coaches and peers, read books, and invested in conferences to work on my sales game. I put the ego away and decided that success was more important than being right. 

Lastly, I want to help others.

I love to teach and coach others, and I love sales. Why not work with salespeople who want to improve and give them the opportunity to do so? Helping my fellow salespeople and providing a service to others is a way for everyone to win.

Let's talk!

Let's have a conversation to see if this is a fit on both sides.